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Corona Del Mar

Fresh & All-Natural Pizza Delivery in Corona Del Mar

When it comes to providing pizza delivery and dine-in with fresh ingredients, look no further than Fresh Brothers. We're not just in your neighborhood; we're a part of it. We love creating better food, serving the incredible residents of Los Angeles, Orange County, & San Diego, and giving back to the communities we reside in.

  • Pizza
  • Salads
  • Chicken
  • Sliders & Knots


From our signature pizzas to create-your-own pie, our pizza is made to please. All-natural, all-tasty, and all for you, this is pizza you can feel great about ordering.

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We take this "fresh" thing seriously, which is why our Fresh Greens are hand-picked. As a side or whole meal, these salads are as green as it gets.

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Always baked and never fried, our chicken wings and bites make the perfect addition to any meal. They're high quality and high in taste, so dig in!

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Sliders & Knots

No meal is complete without sides, so we made sure to add fresh, delicious options to our menu. From savory to sweet, we've got sliders and knots to satisfy.

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All-Natural, Real Ingredients

You are what you eat, which is why we at Fresh Brothers never serve anything with additives, fillers, or preservatives. It's healthy, premium ingredients to satisfy cravings the right way. We are also proud to be a nut-free kitchen.

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Dough Made Daily

No frozen dough here! Our dough is made daily and hand-tossed with freshness.

Sauce From Vine-Ripe Tomatoes

Our tomatoes aren't like other tomatoes! Locally-sourced, freshly-picked tomatoes from a family-owned company make up the base of our tomato sauce. That's why it tastes so good.

Pure Mozzarella Cheese

Happy cows make better cheese; it's pretty much science. Grande, our dairy farmers in Wisconsin, provides us with the highest-quality 100% mozzarella, no additives or fillers needed.

Premium Meats

Traditional meats come with a lot of stuff that isn't, well, meat. Everything used here at Fresh Brothers is real and ethically-sourced.

Vegan & Gluten-Free Alternatives

Everyone deserves to eat great chicken, salads, and more. Our menu features vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, so you can choose fresh no matter what.

Fresh Fan Rewards

Once you try Fresh Brothers, you'll never want any other pizza again. For our regulars, we've got Fresh Fan Rewards. With every order over $15, you earn 10 points, and 70 points equals one free, two-topping medium pizza. Nice.

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Deals & Specials

With Fresh Brothersโ€™ specials, youโ€™re getting a slice of the pie in more ways than one. We regularly offer coupons, discounts, and specials, served just for you.

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Order Online

Ordering is easier than ever with our online menu. Pick your favorites, customize as necessary, add to cart, and then get ready for the best pizza ever.

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No matter how big (or small!) your event may be, Fresh Brothers is hands-down the best pizza catering company to call on within Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. Our inclusive menu features traditional and alternative pizzas, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, to please everyone at the party.

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There's a lot of people in California, which is why Fresh Brothers has a lot of locations. Our 19 pizzerias serve up goodness all throughout Los Angeles, The Valley, Orange County, and San Diego. No matter where you are, finding the best pizza isn't hard; we're always nearby!

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The Fresh Brothers Story

The Fresh Brothers story starts in Chicago with the Goldberg brothers, Adam and Scott. Scott opened the Miller Pizza Company in 1985, embracing Chicago-style pizza. With the goal of taking Chicago to the coast, brother Adam and his wife Debbie opened the first Fresh Brothers in SoCal in 2008. They combined their family recipes with fresh ingredients, putting a California twist on traditional pizza. This old-school pizza with upgraded nutrition was a hit, and Fresh Brothers only grew from there.

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Why We Love Corona Del Mar

Corona del Mar is the small, seaside neighborhood located within Newport Beach's city limits. This coastal gem faces the ocean, situated within the bluffs of the San Joaquin Hills. Corona del Mar's rocky bluffs give it the iconic beaches and coves it's so well known for, including Crystal Cove of the Crystal Cove Historic District. Residents enjoy coastal cliffs that overlook the Pacfic, beachfront coves for playing in, and tide pools with accompanying marine conservation areas and underwater parks. Because of its beauty, locals are known for being outdoorsy, and frequently engage in watersports and surfing. When they're not on Corona del Mar's scenic beaches, residents can be found lining Sherman Library and Gardens, with its peaceful and serene patios, conservatories, and seasonal flower beds. Additionally, The Irvine Company's Fashion Island Mall sports one of the world's largest wind chimes and seasonal decorations like the Bloomingdales' Christmas tree, making it a hotspot for visitors.


Corona del Mar is a small seaside neighborhood, located within the boundaries of Newport Beach, California. Corona del Mar is the land faces seaward, nestled into the San Joaquin Hills. The neighbor is famously known for its iconic beaches, which include swirling tidepools and dramatic cliffside views. Corona has two main outdoor spaces, which are the Corona del Mar State Beach and the Crystal Cove State Park, the latter of which is down a steep hillside.


Corona del Mar's history begins in the early 20th century. Its name is from the Spanish phrase, "crown of the sea," as derived from the explorers that settled the land. As time passed, Corona del Mar's beauty was determined best for a vacation resort, and it was planned as a place for summer cottages. Now, Corona del Mar is mostly single-family houses that are free-standing and, closely line the Pacific Coast Highway.


If the show Arrested Development's setting tells you anything, it's what Corona del Mar is like. This area is known for its dense suburban feel. It's incredibly family-friendly, and the town is known for its good schools. Residents here are into local eateries and shops with upscale, luxurious vibes. Because of the city's walkability, people here are outdoorsy. The seaside village has small-town vibes, and locals spend their time playing water sports and surfing.


If there's one thing Corona del Mar offers, it's plenty to do. The Sherman Library and Gardens contains fountains, patios, conservatories, seasonal flower beds, and a large variety of vegetation and herbs. Nearby Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach is owned by The Irvine Company. The area is notable for its touristy beaches, including Crystal Cove Historic District's Crystal Cove with coastal cliffs, beachfront cove, tide pools, marine conservation area, underwater park, bluffs, and canyons.

Our Community

Fresh Brothers believes in feel-good pizza, and that means going beyond the pie. In addition to providing out neighborhoods with nutritious, all-natural pizza, we also play an active role in the community. Each year, we donate thousands of pizzas, helping to raise money for schools, veterans, and nonprofits. Serving up happiness, one slice at a time.

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Local Events and Happenings

There's always something going on in the neighborhood, and we're extending the invite! Check out local events and happenings, and hang out with the Fresh Fam.

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