Chicago is not a bad place to come from if you’re interested in pizza. Sure, there’s Rome, Naples, and New York to contend with reputation-wise, but the Windy City also can claim its own famous namesake: Chicago-style pizza.

That’s where it all started for the Goldberg brothers. Scott opened his first restaurant, Miller Pizza Company, back in 1985 and received numerous accolades, including being voted “South Chicago’s Best Pizza” by the Chicago Post Tribune. It’s still there today and still owned by the Goldberg family.

Building on this pizza knowledge and heritage, brother Adam and his wife Debbie opened the first Fresh Brothers in Southern California in 2008. The goal was to take their traditional Chicago style family recipes and give them a fresh California twist; It’s a combination of old-school quality and upgraded nutrition. Why Fresh? Well, it’s not just a brand name — it’s why Fresh Brothers stands apart from your average pizza joint.

We don’t mess around with fake stuff. Our sauce is packed with 100% fresh tomatoes, not from concentrate. Our mozzarella is all-natural, with no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or fillers, and never any GMOs. That’s why we’ve got the best cheese pizza around. Since everyone deserves to eat great pizza, Fresh Brothers has created gluten-free and vegan offerings to provide premium pizza for every palate. Moreover, we never fry anything, ever. The wings, the bites, and the tenders are always baked. We think it tastes better and it’s definitely better for you.

But it’s more than just pizza. Beyond the pie, Fresh Brothers is proud to be an active part of our community. Each year, we donate thousands of pizzas and raise money for schools, veterans, and non-profit organizations throughout Southern California. We’re making people happy, one slice at a time.

We know about the other great pizza regions in the world and they’re not that easy to get to from Los Angeles. Besides, why go anywhere else? Pizza aficionados are beginning to get wise to the fact that Southern California now rivals any of the old favorites. We’ve got great weather and now we’ve got great pizza! Check us out at one of our 19 locations in Southern California.

Fresh Brothers…We deliver happiness, every day.

Fresh Brothers has always partnered with recognized industry leading farmers for all of our foods. We like old-fashioned values and pride ourselves on picking great partners —and being a great partner. For our tomato sauce, we use locally sourced, fresh-packed tomatoes from the Cortopassi family’s great company, Stanislaus Food Products. Our cheese comes from happy cows raised in the heart of Wisconsin by the Candela family’s century old business, Grande. Buying the best ingredients from local families costs us a bit more, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!


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