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Westlake Village

Pizza Delivery in Westlake Village — Freshly Made For You

When it comes to providing pizza delivery and dine-in with fresh ingredients, look no further than Fresh Brothers. We're not just in your neighborhood; we're a part of it. We love creating better food, serving the incredible residents of Los Angeles, Orange County, & San Diego, and giving back to the communities we reside in.

  • Pizza
  • Salads
  • Chicken
  • Sliders & Knots


From our signature pizzas to create-your-own pie, our pizza is made to please. All-natural, all-tasty, and all for you, this is pizza you can feel great about ordering.

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We take this "fresh" thing seriously, which is why our Fresh Greens are hand-picked. As a side or whole meal, these salads are as green as it gets.

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Always baked and never fried, our chicken wings and bites make the perfect addition to any meal. They're high quality and high in taste, so dig in!

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Sliders & Knots

No meal is complete without sides, so we made sure to add fresh, delicious options to our menu. From savory to sweet, we've got sliders and knots to satisfy.

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All-Natural, Real Ingredients

You are what you eat, which is why we at Fresh Brothers never serve anything with additives, fillers, or preservatives. It's healthy, premium ingredients to satisfy cravings the right way. We are also proud to be a nut-free kitchen.

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Dough Made Daily

No frozen dough here! Our dough is made daily and hand-tossed with freshness.

Sauce From Vine-Ripe Tomatoes

Our tomatoes aren't like other tomatoes! Locally-sourced, freshly-picked tomatoes from a family-owned company make up the base of our tomato sauce. That's why it tastes so good.

Pure Mozzarella Cheese

Happy cows make better cheese; it's pretty much science. Grande, our dairy farmers in Wisconsin, provides us with the highest-quality 100% mozzarella, no additives or fillers needed.

Premium Meats

Traditional meats come with a lot of stuff that isn't, well, meat. Everything used here at Fresh Brothers is real and ethically-sourced.

Vegan & Gluten-Free Alternatives

Everyone deserves to eat great chicken, salads, and more. Our menu features vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, so you can choose fresh no matter what.

Fresh Fan Rewards

Once you try Fresh Brothers, you'll never want any other pizza again. For our regulars, we've got Fresh Fan Rewards. With every order over $15, you earn 10 points, and 70 points equals one free, two-topping medium pizza. Nice.

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Deals & Specials

With Fresh Brothers’ specials, you’re getting a slice of the pie in more ways than one. We regularly offer coupons, discounts, and specials, served just for you.

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Order Online

Ordering is easier than ever with our online menu. Pick your favorites, customize as necessary, add to cart, and then get ready for the best pizza ever.

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No matter how big (or small!) your event may be, Fresh Brothers is hands-down the best pizza catering company to call on within Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. Our inclusive menu features traditional and alternative pizzas, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, to please everyone at the party.

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There's a lot of people in California, which is why Fresh Brothers has a lot of locations. Our 19 pizzerias serve up goodness all throughout Los Angeles, The Valley, Orange County, and San Diego. No matter where you are, finding the best pizza isn't hard; we're always nearby!

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The Fresh Brothers Story

The Fresh Brothers story starts in Chicago with the Goldberg brothers, Adam and Scott. Scott opened the Miller Pizza Company in 1985, embracing Chicago-style pizza. With the goal of taking Chicago to the coast, brother Adam and his wife Debbie opened the first Fresh Brothers in SoCal in 2008. They combined their family recipes with fresh ingredients, putting a California twist on traditional pizza. This old-school pizza with upgraded nutrition was a hit, and Fresh Brothers only grew from there.

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Why We Love Westlake Village

Fresh Brothers loves Westlake Village through and through. We couldn't be more proud to serve this area full of people that truly bring this town to life. Because of its location and accompanying central lake, Westlake Village is popular amongst those who enjoy getting outdoors. The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area offers hiking, trails, and plenty of beautiful, open space. It's not uncommon to hear residents talking about their recent camping trips either! Westlake Village sports both hills and plains, and the flat land allows for Westlake Village's several golf courses and country clubs, including Westlake Golf Course, Sherwood Country Club, and North Ranch Country Club. Prominent parks are scattered throughout Westlake Village, with the most-frequented being Berniece Bennet, Canyon Oaks, Foxfield, Russell Ranch, Three Springs, and Westlake Village Community Park. During the warmer summer months, Westlake Village holds Saturdays in the Park with free performances and entertainment for the whole community — kids included! Due to rolling hills and good soil, wineries are commonplace here. Locals and visitors alike love visiting Westlake Village's wine orchards, like Aldabella Winery and Tasting Room, and Nabu Wines. They're a great casual day trip, or a reason to stay in Westlake a little longer in order to tour them all! Don't let the size of this town fool you; this suburban area still sports impressive nightlife. On any given night, you'll find the residents of Westlake Village frequenting hot spots like Wades Wines, Bogies at the Westlake Village Inn, and 14 Cannons Brewery.


Los Angeles County is known for its bigger cities, but small ones still make a huge impact in this area — and among them is Westlake Village. This smaller town straddles the line between Los Angeles and Ventura counties, giving it an interesting and mixed cultural vibe. It's located in the Santa Monica Mountains, with stunning greenery and open spaces, and was specifically designed to have a lake built in the center of it. While its climate is hotter than the coastal plains, Westlake Village is much cooler than neighboring San Fernando Valley because of breezy winds that wash over the high mountains towards its central lake. Being in the Santa Monica Mountains, there's tons of open space here, used for hiking and horse trails by the residents.


In 1770, a group of explorers led by California's infamous Gaspar de Portola entered what is now known as Westlake Village. In 1795, it was incorporated into one of the first Spanish land grants, called Rancho Simi. Like much of Los Angeles county, it remained farmland for quite some time, which only makes sense given Westlake Village's geographical climate in the Santa Monica Mountains. As of 1850, California was admitted to the United States, and with it, Westlake Village. The existing land was divided up amongst prominent families in the area. As time passed, architectural moguls took a liking towards the location. Wanting to create a "city in the country," a master-planned city architectural plan was created and just like that, Westlake Village was born!


There's a lot to love about Westlake Village: the rolling hills, long-standing history, and great appreciation for the outdoors. Of all the things Fresh Brothers loves about this city though, none of them quite top the people who live here and give Westlake Village its unique character. With a population of just 8,000, it's clear that this neighborhood is close. Annual and recurring community-wide events embrace the history and culture of this area, giving everyone a chance to gather and celebrate their town. With so many parks and expansive recreational areas, it's no surprise that the people of Westlake Village are also happy to get outside and get active. Always down for adventure, from hiking trails to exploring local wineries, Fresh Brothers truly appreciates the community of Westlake Village.


There's much to do in Westlake Village, which is part of the reason Fresh Brothers loves serving this community. This close-knit community holds many annual events to celebrate their people and culture. The City Celebration is specifically to bring the community together at the Civic Center, all in honor of the wonderful town they're a part of. There's seasonal events, including their Fourth of July parade and fireworks show and the annual Spring Fling in the Park, with games, petting zoos, food trucks, and egg hunts. Between events are Westlake VIllage's wineries, tasting rooms, and extensive parks for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. With so much going on, it's no surprise that the residents of Westlake Village are hungry — and that's where Fresh Brothers comes in!

Our Community

Fresh Brothers believes in feel-good pizza, and that means going beyond the pie. In addition to providing out neighborhoods with nutritious, all-natural pizza, we also play an active role in the community. Each year, we donate thousands of pizzas, helping to raise money for schools, veterans, and nonprofits. Serving up happiness, one slice at a time.

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Local Events and Happenings

There's always something going on in the neighborhood, and we're extending the invite! Check out local events and happenings, and hang out with the Fresh Fam.

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