Can Pizza Be Healthy?

How Pizza Can Be Healthy

Pizza lovers, you can rejoice! Before we go any further, we’ll just say: yes! Pizza can absolutely be healthy. While traditional pizzas are known for being loaded with excess fat, sodium, and calories, our pizza fits your nutrition goals without losing any of its awesome taste. Read on to see how our ingredients make every Fresh Brothers pizza both filling and nutritious. 

How Our Healthy Pizza Ingredients Stack Up

Fresh Brothers pizza isn’t just healthy as a whole, but healthy on every level! See how the ingredients on our menu stack up compared to traditional options.

Our Healthy Dough

Fresh Brothers dough is made each and every day, completely fresh. We never pre-make dough, nor do we ever freeze it, because doing so would require the use of unhealthy preservatives. Not only that, but freezing it causes a lack of taste and texture!

Our Healthy Sauce

Our signature sauce comes from a family-owned farm in Salinas, California. For generations, they’ve been growing perfect tomatoes raised in the most natural conditions possible. This sauce isn’t just locally-sourced and tasty, but made from tomatoes picked fresh off the vine and free of preservatives. 

Our Healthy Cheese

Pizza cheese is known for being overloaded with sodium and preservatives, which is why we made an effort to avoid both as much as possible. Our mozzarella is 100%, well, mozzarella! You won’t find any unnatural flavors, dyes, or additives here. It’s high-quality cheese from high-quality milk, farmed from the happiest cows we could find in Wisconsin.

Our Healthy Meat Toppings

Much like cheese, traditional pizza toppings can be filled with things generally not classified as “meat.” Our meat topping options are all-natural, free of additives, fillers, and preservatives, including things like uncured, nitrate-free pepperoni and ethically-sourced chicken.

Our Healthy Veggies and More

Our other topping options are equally fresh, because that’s how vegetables and fruits should be! It’s easy to make a pizza healthy by adding spinach, broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, and more.

Our Healthy Dietary Alternatives

In addition to using only good-for-you ingredients, Fresh Brothers has a multitude of menu options that fit unique dietary restrictions and preferences. We understand that some dietary preferences are chosen for health reasons, and every alternative is just as healthy as our original versions. Our gluten-free menu gives those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities access to pizza crust made without wheat, barley, rye, or any crosses of those grains. Instead, it’s made out of a rice and potato base! Vegetarians and vegans can enjoy many of our animal-free options, including pizzas topped with Daiya vegan mozzarella cheese, Impossible meatless meat, and UNCUT plant-based sausage. Plus, any signature style pizza can be turned vegetarian or vegan by holding any ingredients that don’t fit your dietary preferences. And if you’re concerned about the carbs in pizza, look no further than our keto crust. It’s made with cauliflower rice, eggs, casein, and whey protein, and contains just 6 grams of carbohydrates. All of our dietary alternative crusts can be applied to most pizzas, including 7″ personal pizzas and signature styles.

Choose Fresh Brothers for Healthy Pizza

At Fresh Brothers, we’re committed to making sure that everyone has delicious, healthy pizza options, no matter their dietary preferences or restrictions. From our signature pizzas to create-your-own pies, you can rest assured that we don’t use any processed ingredients. With pizza this good for you, you’ll feel like it was made from scratch – because it was! Order now to get delicious, healthy pizza.

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