100% Fresh 100% Vegan

There are a lot of places that haven't quite nailed their vegan options, but Fresh Brothers isn't one of them. In fact, it's easy being vegan here! We've got options no matter what you're craving.

Field Roast Vegan Mozzarella

Field Roast cheese is a popular option among vegetarians and vegans, always made without dairy products of any kind. Their mozzarella melts, oozes, bubbles, and stretches, making it the perfect cheese for a vegan Fresh Brothers pizza.

UNCUT Plant-Based Sausage

UNCUT has produced the world’s first, 100% plant-based Italian sausage. Fresh Brothers is proud to serve a substitution that looks, cooks, and tastes just like freshly ground sausage. This meatless option is the perfect topping to any pizza!

Our Vegan Options

Going vegan is a noble task, and puts the welfare of animals and the planet above personal food choices. Fresh Brothers thinks that's really awesome, and we want to support you. We're always looking to add more vegan options as the market expands and brands like Impossible continue to mimic other non-vegan foods.

Vegan Pizza

Our vegan cheese pizza is made with a completely vegan crust, our original (naturally vegan) tomato sauce, and Field Roast mozzarella cheese. Top it off with vegan sausage!

Vegan Tenders

Just like our other sides and bites, Fresh Brothers' vegan tenders are baked, not fried.They're vegan chick'n pieces coated in a delicious seven grain crust.

Vegan Salads

Any of our signature salads are available as vegan upon request. Just ask your server, and we'll make sure to hold any ingredients that aren't vegan when we make it!

What is Vegan?

People who engage in vegan diets don't consume any animal products. This means obvious stuff, like meat. It also includes the things you don't really think about, like dairy products, eggs, or things derived from animals, like gelatin, honey, and food coloring agents. People often go vegan for ethical, environmental, and/or health reasons.

Vegan FAQs

Why do you serve vegan options?

Fresh Brothers believes that everyone deserves to eat great pizza, and there's no exceptions to that! We welcome every lifestyle here, and pride ourselves on having options no matter your personal preferences. Going vegan is great for so many reasons, and we're here to serve (really, really) good pizza to those who have.

What’s the difference between vegetarian and vegan?

Vegans eat no animal products, which includes meat, dairy, eggs, and animal-derived products. Vegetarians don't eat animal meat, but tend to eat things like dairy and eggs. There's also pescatarians, which are people that do not consume meat, do consume fish, and may vary on their stance on dairy and eggs. No matter how you identify, Fresh Brothers has all-natural, delicious choices for you.

I’m vegan and GF. Do you have something for me?

Of course we do! Fresh Brothers has pizza for all, remember? Our options extend to those who need a mix of dietary alternatives. Our vegan cheese pizza can be made with a gluten-free crust, available in personal pizza or medium sizes. Our sauce, Field Roast cheese, and Impossible Meat are all gluten- and animal product-free.

Do vegan options cost more?

There is a slight price difference between vegan and non-vegan options, but it's usually only a dollar or two. Every ingredient Fresh Brothers uses is quality, and we serve it at the best cost point we can. Unfortunately, things like dairy-free cheese are still slightly more expensive than their non-vegan counterparts, but you can expect our prices to continue reflecting market trends as vegan options become more popular!

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