Freedom to Go Gluten-Free

Gluten-free diets are necessary for those with celiac disease, and popular among those even without it. No matter why you're eating gluten free, we've got the perfect pizza (plus chicken, greens, and more) for you!

Our Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

Available in medium size pizza and able to be combined with any of our signature flavors, our gluten-free crust base is made of rice, potato, and seasonings!

Our Gluten-Free Pizza Options

Looking for variety? We've got it! Our gluten-free pizza crust can be applied to medium-size pizzas. All of our signature pizzas can be made without gluten, and most of our toppings are gluten-free. If you have any specific questions about our GF-options, give us a call!


Fresh Brothers' pizza is just as good without gluten, and our gluten-free crust is applicable to medium-size pies.


Fresh Brothers serves some of the best signature salads around, and any of them can be made gluten-free upon request.

Boneless Bites

Our boneless bites are made of tasty chicken breast coated in potato crust. They're still baked (not fried!) like our other Fresh Brothers' chicken items.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein produced by and found inside of plants like wheat, barley, and rye. In people with celiac disease, the immune system is triggered by the presence of gluten, and it damages their body. There are some people with less-severe sensitivities to gluten, as well as those who believe a GF diet is healthier.

Gluten-Free Pizza Crust FAQs

Why do you serve gluten-free options?

Why not! For many people, gluten-free diets aren't a choice. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease far beyond their control. Being gluten-free can feel really limiting, and until recently, there were many restaurants with no gluten-free options at all! We're proud to offer options for everyone, including those with gluten-free diets.

Do gluten-free options taste normal?

This is a tough question; what one person considers a "normal" diet might not be "normal" to someone else. At Fresh Brothers, we think all diets should be as healthy and fresh as possible, and our gluten-free options certainly fit the bill. However, what we can say is that our rice-based dough does taste similar to its grain counterparts. If you're sharing a pizza with your gluten-free friend, you can rest assured it tastes just as good as anything else on our menu!

How do gluten-free options stack up nutritionally?

Despite the difference in ingredients, our gluten-free dough and original dough are pretty equivalent. Of course, there's minor variances here and there, but typically never by more than +/- 30 calories per slice of medium pizza. Overall, there's a very insignificant difference and macro nutrients tend to be near-equal.

Why is only the crust gluten-free?

Good question! It's because only the crust needs to be specifically gluten-free; all other non-grain ingredients we use are naturally gluten-free. The only topping off-limits is our salad croutons, which are made from bread with gluten.

I’m GF and vegan. Do you have something for me?

We said pizza for all, didn't we? Fresh Brothers certainly does have options for those both gluten-free and vegan. Our vegan cheese pizza can be made with gluten-free dough in personal pizza and medium sizes. It features Daiya cheese, which is dairy- and gluten-free, as well as free of other common allergens!

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