With so many options, there's bound to be many questions. This is where we take time to answer the most frequently asked questions.

What is the new Fresh Brothers Rewards Program?

Fresh Brothers Rewards is Fresh Brothers’ Loyalty Program, which features bankable points.

How does it work?


How do I earn Rewards?

We now have a bankable points program, which allows you to save your points and redeem for higher priced options or redeem as you can, with lower priced items.

What are the different levels of Rewards?

750 points = $5 off any order
100 points = Free Six Piece Fresh Knots
1750 points = Free 12 Piece Wings
2500 points = Free Medium Two Topping Pizza
3000 points = Free Large Two Topping Pizza

Where do I go to activate my Rewards?

You can sign into your account online at or download the Fresh Brothers app from the App Stores on IOS, or Android.

Why doesn’t the cashier see my Rewards?

You must log in to your Fresh Brothers Rewards account via the app or online and activate your Reward.  You will have 30 days to use your Reward from the time of activation.

Where can I redeem my Rewards?

At any participating Fresh Brothers location or online. Some locations (airports, stadiums, etc.) may not participate.

Do I need a card?

No, Fresh Brothers Rewards work off your 10-digit phone # or by scanning the barcode in your app in-store.

What if I forget the phone # I used?

We can also look up your account by your name or email address. 

Do Fresh Brothers Rewards Points expire?

Points themselves will expire in one year, but once you earn enough points to convert to a reward, and you activate that reward, you will have 30 days to redeem.

Can I save up my points?

Points can accumulate but once you convert your points into a reward, they will expire in 30 days.

How does a customer find out how many points they have?

Sign Into your Account online at or download our Fresh Brothers app from the App Stores on IOS, or Android.

Can my Fresh Brothers Rewards be redeemed for cash?

No cash value – see terms and conditions online at

Why do you need my information? Can I opt out?

Occasionally Fresh Brothers in your local area may send out a mailer or an email informing you of a Deal or Event. You can opt out of these mailings and emails by going into your account online, then go to Edit Preferences to opt out.

Can I use my Fresh Brothers Rewards for online/mobile ordering?

Fresh Brothers Rewards are good for redemption online and in store.

I don’t have a Fresh Brothers Account yet; can I get credit for my purchase today?

To get credit for today’s order, go to our website and submit a form for Missing Points.

Can I sign my company up for Fresh Brothers Rewards?

The program is designed for individual use.

Do I get points for catering orders?

Yes, catering orders are included in the Fresh Brothers Rewards Program.

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