Can You Eat Pizza on a Keto Diet?

Eating Pizza While on a Keto Diet

There’s a huge misconception that pizza is off the menu for those on a diet; it doesn’t matter the type of diet or restrictions, pizza is viewed as a non-option. Fresh Brothers is here to turn that notion on its head! Our inclusive menu just so happens to contain our signature keto crust, the best way to enjoy pizza while sticking to a keto diet. Read on to learn more about what keto is, why people go keto, and what our keto menu choices are!

What Is a Keto Diet?

“Keto” is short for the ketogenic diet. The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet. It’s different from other low-carb diets in that it’s also high-fat, while some low-carb diets are more protein-heavy. The ketogenic diet strives to achieve a state of ketosis in those who participate in it, eating low or no carbs until molecules called ketones build up in the bloodstream. From there, the body chooses to break down fat to use as energy as opposed to stored sugars.

Why Do People Choose Keto?

There are many reasons a person may choose any diet, and keto is no exception. Some people choose keto for necessary health and wellness reasons, while many do it to change their weight. There’s also quite a bit of anecdotal evidence that the ketogenic diet can help ease the symptoms of children experiencing epilepsy, particularly refractory epilepsy, when traditional pharmaceutical treatments are proving to be ineffective. While they’re not sure why, it tends to reduce the number of seizures these pediatric patients experience in about half of the cases.

How Fresh Brothers Provides Keto Diet Options

Fresh Brothers puts having dietary options for everyone first. Our menu is constantly evolving to include more options so that every person can enjoy pizza, even when they’re keto! We know it’s hard to find pizza when you’re keto, let alone any bread-based meals at all, which is why we created our keto crust. 

Fresh Brothers keto crust is made with cauliflower rice supplemented with eggs, casein, and whey protein. The cauliflower rice works to mimic traditional wheat flours, the additional ingredients for texture and nutrition, and then, of course, all of our house spices are added! Our keto crust can be applied to any of our signature pizza options in size medium, or chosen as the base to your own customizable pie, all for just 6 grams of carbohydrates. This stays far below the maximum carbohydrate daily allowance of 50 grams that the keto diet recommends. Combine this crust with our all-natural toppings packed with protein and healthy fats for a delicious meal that won’t break your macros! 

We’re Committed to Pizza for All

At Fresh Brothers, we make pizza for all. Beyond our keto options, we also offer pizza for a variety of other specialty diets, like for those who are gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and more! Fresh Brothers is the perfect pizza to please the whole family. Feeling hungry after reading so much about pizza? We totally understand. You can view our menu here, or start an order at your nearest Fresh Brothers by clicking here. With over 20 locations, the closest keto pizza is never far from you!

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