How Do You Crust?

It’s The Crust That Counts

When it comes to Fresh Brothers pizza, you already know that every ingredient used is fresh and all-natural, and that’s where our top-notch taste comes from. But, what’s at the base of it all? At Fresh Brothers, we know that a crust can make or break any pizza. Often, we don’t quite notice when a crust is great, because the flavor and texture blend so well with every other ingredient. When a crust is bad, it’s, well…bad, and very noticeably so. At Fresh Brothers, we go above and beyond, using a signature crust that’s so good you do notice it. What makes Fresh Brothers’ crusts so good? For one, we have variety like no other. Fresh Brothers’s selection includes our original, skinny, SoCal deep dish, Chicago deep dish, gluten-free, cauliflower, and keto! No matter which you choose, Fresh Brothers’ dough is always fresh and never frozen. We know the crust counts, and that’s why we make fresh dough daily for a variety of diets.


Our original crust is where we began. Our signature dough is a classic, and helped make Fresh Brothers the popular pizza place that it is today. While we can’t tell you exactly what’s in it (family secret), what we can say is it’s always fresh and contains all of our signature spices.


Our skinny dough features big taste with small calories. It’s the same taste and texture as the original dough, with thinner dough. Skinny dough’s crust tends to be harder, adding a satisfying crunch to each bite.

Deep Dish

Deep dish is more than a crust; it’s a lifestyle. Fresh Brothers offers two deep dish pizza options. Our Chicago-style deep dish embraces our roots, inspired by the city that does deep dish best. We also have our SoCal deep dish, a crust that truly represents our Chicago style with a California twist.


For our gluten-free friends, we have Fresh Brothers’ gluten-free crust. This alternative to normal pizza crust still tastes just as delicious as the original, all without the compounds that celiacs and those with gluten-intolerances can’t have. 


Want gluten-free, but looking to add more veggies? Want a more nutritious crust? Really love cauliflower? We’ve got just the crust for you! Our cauliflower crust is naturally gluten-free and grain-free, making it both delicious and perfect for any diet.


For many people who follow the keto diet, it’s tough to find great pizza with low-carbs, let alone very many low-carb pizzas at all. It’s made with cauliflower rice in place of wheat, as well as eggs, casein, and whey protein. Any of our classic pizzas can be made with keto pizza crust, and with only six grams of carbohydrates, you’ll want them all with keto crust! You can learn more about our signature keto crust here.

Customize Your Crust Today

Along with all of the awesome crusts we serve daily, Fresh Brothers is also running a Valentine’s Day special right now! From February 10th through February 16th, get a signature crust in the shape of a heart at no extra charge. It’s the best way to show someone that you care!

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