Official Pizza Sponsor of Pan-American Rock Climbing Championships

Where Rock Climbing and Pizza Meet

Rock Climbing has attracted some of the most daring and ambitious athletes from all over the world. Climbers like Lynn Hill, Chris Sharma, and Alex Honnold have found new and inspiring ways to reshape the sport, even with a history that dates back hundreds of years. Sender One Los Angeles has been dedicated to embracing this athletic ambition since its fruition in 2017. They’ve created a unique atmosphere that stimulates self-discovery with Fresh Brothers as their official pizza sponsor since day one. Our partnership has helped build an all-inclusive community, and fuel countless climbers as they strive to achieve new heights.

Olympic-Bound Competitors

Whether it’s through climbing competitions like the Bouldering National Championships or death-defying ventures like free solo climbing Yosemite, generations of athletes have dedicated their lives to making a mark in this momentous sport. Now these climbers will have the opportunity to achieve recognition in the world’s most renowned sporting event: the Olympics. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be the first to include rock climbing as an official Olympic Sport. In order to qualify for this historic event, climbers from across North, Central, and South America will compete in the IFSC Pan-American Championships. And who better to host the Olympic Qualifiers than Sender One?

Fresh Brothers Will See You There

From Tuesday, February 25th to Sunday, March 1st, climbers will boulder, speed climb, and lead climb their way through Sender One routes for their chance to be an Olympian. Fresh Brothers Pizza is proud to partner with Sender One as an official sponsor of the Pan-American Championship event. We will provide a large variety of health-conscious food, ranging from our protein-packed Keto Pizza to our plant-based Vegan Sausage Vegan Cheese Pizza to satisfy hungry spectators and vitalize fearless competitors. Want in on the action? Sender One has tickets available on their website for a myriad of packages ranging from single-day general admission to the VIP Pan-Am Experience. Click here to purchase tickets and witness history in the making! 

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