Salad Philosophy

Fresh Brothers might be known for pizza, but fresh ingredients can be found everywhere in our menu. What food would you want fresh more than fresh greens? Our salads are all-natural, the way vegetables were meant to be consumed. All of our fresh greens are hand-picked from the sunny, welcoming fields of Salinas, CA. Everything on top of our fresh greens is equally fresh. Best of all, these are satisfying salads bound to keep you full and energized.

Fresh Greens

For anyone who has ever visited Salinas, California, you'll know what we mean when we say that this neighborhood has the best farms. With many microclimates suited for growing a variety of vegetables, it's no wonder Fresh Brothers sources our greens from the local farmers here!


We get it: no salad is complete without garnishes. However, adding stuff to your salad shouldn't include additives (or fillers, or preservatives). The variety is endless at Fresh Brothers, but our dedication to fresh, all-natural ingredients is consistent. No matter what you're putting on top, we're here to ensure it's top quality.


One of the best complements to salad is cheese. It creates the perfect texture: crisp yet creamy, simple but artisanal, refreshing and filling. When it comes to refueling, cheese gives salad healthy fats, protein, and diversity in taste. Best of all, Fresh Brothers' cheese is all-natural, preservative-free, 100% cheese.


At Fresh Brothers, everything that goes into our salads is just as fresh as the greens themselves, and that includes our meats. From the casual chicken addition to the salami in our Antipasto salad, our protein-packed ingredients are ethically sourced, eco-friendly, and made with you in mind.


When it comes to enhancing the natural goodness of salads, dressings add an extra boost. Fresh Brothers' makes all of our salad dressings sans the unnecessary stuff, like fillers, additives, and preservatives. It heightens the taste without detracting from the healthfulness, giving you a truly fresh salad.

Why We Love Salads

Fresh Brothers loves salads, and one taste of our signature fresh greens will have you feeling the same. Salads give you all the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables in the most delicious way possible. These balanced meals are healthy and light, sure to leave you energized after eating. Plus, Fresh Brothers' all-natural ingredients lend themselves to something far better than the bagged lettuce of grocery stores, creating a satisfying, filling bowl of goodness. You might think it goes without saying that salads should be fresh, but no one makes greens as crisp as this.

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