Wing Philosophy

Fresh Brothers aims to provide delicious, all-natural food, and this philosophy extends to our chicken wings too! When it comes to cooking wings, we do things a little differently. Our chicken is always baked, and never fried. We found a way to preserve the taste without preparing them in oil, giving you a wing that's equal parts healthy and tasty. From game day appetizer to a perfect pizza pairing, these wings have got you covered.


There's a lot of meat out there that contains things that aren't, well, meat. When you eat wings with Fresh Brothers, you're getting just that: wings. No additives, no preservatives, no fillers. Not only that, but all of our meat is ethically sourced and from environmentally-conscious farmers.


Fresh Brothers' chicken wings are tasty enough to be enjoyed solo, but also...they taste even better with our incredible sauces. Each flavor is made of perfectly-balanced seasonings and all-natural ingredients. With a variety of sauces like ours, you're bound to find one you're obsessed with.


Our buffalo sauce is a crowd favorite, and offers a hot, spicy kick for the truly adventurous.


Fresh Brothers' BBQ sauce is a flavorful option, embracing a perfect mixture of both sweet and tangy.

Roasted Garlic BBQ

Roasted Garlic BBQ elevates our traditional BBQ sauce. It's full of freshly minced garlic combined with all the classic flavor of BBQ. Yum.

Sweet Chili

This Sweet Chili sauce is an iconic pairing with our wings. It's sweet, it's spicy, and it's full of all the flavor you know.

Baked, Not Fried

The title says it all: Fresh Brothers bakes our wings instead of frying them. Frying food is generally unhealthy, and results in wings that are high in calories and artificial trans fats. It's still possible to enjoy your favorite foods without being unhealthy, and we've got just the wings to prove it.

Why We Love Wings

It's tough to narrow down precisely why we love wings, but that's because there are more reasons than we can count. When wings are made the Fresh Brothers way, they're beyond delicious. Plus, they come in four incredible flavors: Sweet Chilli, Roasted Garlic BBQ, BBQ, and Buffalo (mild, hot, or super hot). Because they're baked (not fried), this chicken isn't just good, it's good for you. Wings are naturally protein-packed, making them satisfying and energizing. We love wings so much that we even made sure we could serve them to everyone, and Fresh Brothers offers vegan tenders and gluten-free chicken bites!

Nutritional Info

Interested in taking a look at Fresh Brothers' nutrition? We've got it right here! It lists all of our menu items' calories, macronutrients, and more, from pizzas to beverages.

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