Pizza Delivery Turned Prank by Ellen DeGeneres

Fresh Brothers Delivery Driver Meets Harry Styles

Ellen DeGeneres is known for the Ellen Show, and more specifically, the pranks she tends to play on air. This week’s episode was no exception. Ellen DeGeneres called Fresh Brothers and ordered pizza – nothing out of the ordinary (yet). However, Harry Styles was hanging out in the green room, where the pizza was to be delivered. Equipped with an ear piece that Ellen delivered strange and funny instructions through, Harry pranked the delivery driver with his unusual behavior. From the beginning, Harry was told to enthusiastically greet the driver repeatedly, using “bro” in every sentence. Harry continued to fist bump the driver, invited him to eat, ate pizza slices whole without chewing, and held incredibly long, uncomfortable silences. Our Fresh Brothers delivery driver couldn’t have handled the prank any better, and the video is laugh-out-loud funny. Watch the video here.

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