Spotlighting Impossible Meat, the Plant-Based Pizza Topping

Fresh Brothers x Impossible Meat

Fresh Brothers has always been dedicated to serving fresh, all-natural foods that contain no preservatives, additives, or fillers. In our search to make pizza equally healthy and delicious, we’ve expanded the menu to include options for everyone regardless of their dietary restrictions. With this came things like our vegan tenders, meatless sausage, gluten-free chicken bites, cauliflower crust, and the iconic, plant-based Impossible Meat. Impossible Meat is scientifically proven to be tasty, which is why it’s a popular choice at Fresh Brothers. We’re here to delve into the history of Impossible Foods, the creator of Impossible Meat, and look at why it’s such an incredible option.

About the Brand

Impossible Foods is a brand dedicated to making meat, dairy, and fish products from plant sources. Why? In our current global climate, animal agriculture uses a huge amount of natural resources. By deriving tasty, meat-like foods from things like soy plants and yeast, they produce full meals using only a fraction of the land, water, and energy that meat would require. Impossible Foods debuted their Impossible Burger in 2016. Since then, the company has been nothing but a hit, quickly spreading in popularity at restaurants, fast food chains, and grocery stores.

Recreating Taste

Impossible’s crave-worthy taste was created by scientifically dissecting what makes meat taste like, well, meat. From there, they discovered that a molecule called heme is where the flavor’s at. Heme is an iron-containing compound that forms the non-protein part of biological molecules. Because it’s found in every plant as well as every animal, plant-based heme can be made by fermenting yeast.

Why Choose Impossible

Impossible Foods offer all the taste and nutrition of normal meat without any animal products. In fact, Impossible meats often contain a broader range of vitamins and minerals due to their plant sources! In particular, Impossible is a phenomenal brand to support and Fresh Brothers is proud to partner with them. Their goals to restore biodiversity and help reduce the effects of climate change are noble, and to make a difference without sacrificing great-tasting food is something Fresh Brothers can get behind. We appreciate that Impossible is working everyday to make the global food system more sustainable.

Why Go Vegan?

Going plant-based is a great way to make a difference in the world around you. Reducing meat is the single most effective way to combat climate change. It reduces your carbon footprint, which is a measurement of the fossil fuel emissions released because of your lifestyle choices. In addition, no animals are harmed in the making of Impossible Meat! Many studies show that veganism is also great for your health, and it’s fully possible to get all the protein, fiber, and minerals you need without animal-based sources.

Toppings for Impossible Meat

There’s no limits when it comes to combining toppings for a meatless meal! Our Impossible Pizza has our signature, fresh mozzarella topped with Impossible meat. If you’re looking to add Impossible to a different signature pizza, you can, no matter the size. Just searching for something extra healthy this week? Try a Fresh Veggie signature pizza with Impossible added — it’s one of our favorites right now. Why wait? Order now!

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