The News is True: Fresh Brothers Has Deep Dish

Deep Dish Is In

Fresh Brothers has been working on something special: deep dish pizza! Our deep dish comes in two varieties, SoCal and Chicago (seasonal only), and both are equally delicious. Read on to find out why we love this kind of pizza so much.

The Origin of Deep Dish

Chicago was home to a number of European immigrants in the 1800s and 1900s, in part because of the large amount of factory jobs. In 1943, Ike Sewell and Ric Riccardo decided to start serving an Americanized version of Italian pizza. They turned the world of pizza upside down…literally. The pair’s Pizzeria Uno offered the opposite of Neapolitan pizza, with incredible depth, a crunchy crust, and inverted layers.

The Fresh Brothers Story

Fresh Brothers has such a deep tie to Chicago because that’s where it all began! Scott and Adam Goldberg are the “fresh brothers.” In 1985, Scott opened his first restaurant. It was called the Miller Pizza Company. This incredible pizzeria has been voted South Chicago’s Best Pizza, an honor that goes unmatched. Miller Pizza Company is still there today, but Adam took to the West Coast. He packed up the traditional Chicago-style family recipes and opened Fresh Brothers in 2008 alongside his wife, Debbie. The goal was simple: put a California twist on the pizza they loved so much. Today, Fresh Brothers has grown to nearly twenty locations throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, The Valley, and Orange County. We’re serving up our signature freshness everywhere we go! Since then, we’ve pioneered an endless amount of dietary alternatives as well, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and keto options.

Our Spin on Deep Dish

Fresh Brothers puts a healthy spin on everything we create, from chicken tenders to our extra-fresh greens, and our deep dish pizza is no exception. We always use fresh ingredients, to give our pizza maximum taste with maximum nutrition. What makes our deep dish number one? Well, we’ll tell you!

SoCal Deep Dish

SoCal deep dish is a California twist on a Chicago favorite. It’s a deep dish crust (of course), which is topped with our signature sauce and cheese. Like our other crusts, our deep dish is hand-tossed daily. As always, our sauce is locally sourced and free of any preservatives. Plus, our cheese comes from happy cows raised in Wisconsin! This pizza is a mix between Chicago and L.A., creating a pizza that is original and unique from its predecessor. 

Chicago Deep Dish (Seasonal)

Fresh Brothers is Chicago pizza at its heart. Our Chicago deep dish is made traditionally, with layered ingredients, extra cheese, and sauce that goes on top. It goes without saying that we’re using preservative-free, hand-tossed dough, no-filler tomato sauce from tomatoes raised locally, and authentic Italian cheese from the Grande family’s farm.

Always Fresh

We believe that everyone deserves to eat great pizza, and that includes our deep dish-loving friends! We may be located all around Southern California, but your local Fresh Brothers makes it easy to “visit” Chicago for a slice of heaven. In addition to providing great food to the communities we reside in, we’re pizza you can feel good about ordering for more reasons than one. We’re making a difference, inside and outside of the kitchen. We do more than pizza here, and love giving back to the communities we reside in. We’re proud to donate, volunteer, and support nonprofits every day.

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